Paint Application System

Paint Application systems are the modern method of supplying paint direct to the point of use from bulk store.

Each line consists of:

  • A storage tank, which may be a 10 gallon or 44 gallon drum or a specially constructed mixing tank.
  • A Circulating pump usually direct acting air driven.
  • A pipe circuit in the form of a loop to the furthest point of use and back to the mixing tank.
  • A restrictor valve is fitted at the return to give a back pressure, usually 25/30 ib. Per square inch.
  • At each take off point a fluid pressure regulator to control the supply pressure precisely to the spray gun.

Resons for use of a paint circulating system are summarised below:

(a) Because the paint viscosity is adjusted in bulk and continuously circulated, it will at all times be constant. Because the whole contents of the bulk storage are being continuously agitated and circulated there will be no colour variations. Because the paint is continuously filtered there will be fewer rejects due to dirt and skin on the finished surface.

(b) There are substantial savings of labour in two directions. 1.Sprayers have at no time to handle or mix paint, this is taken care of in the paint store. 2.The normal daily or weekly clean down within the spraying area is either eliminated or drastically reduced.

(c) There are several directions in which paint economy is achieved. 1.Paint may be bought In 44 gallon drums usually reducing the price between 1s. 0d. and 2s. 0d. per gallon. 2.Because there are no partly empty paint drums in the paint shop, waste due to skinning, evaporation, spillage and contamination is completely eliminated. 3.The more precise control of viscosity produces automatic economy. 4.There is an enormous saving in solvents. Solvent wastage in the paint shop can be considerable, due to excessive thinning; evaporation from open drums; spillage; use for cleaning, authorized and otherwise. In one case, a manufacturer of domestic appliances installed a small system at a total cost 750 0s. 0d. In the first year's operation, for the same throughput, his reduction in purchase of thinners was over 850 0s. 0d.

(d) The improvement in cleanliness, which is vitally important in a paint shop, is enormous. Instead of rows of pressure containers, paint drums, thinner drums & hoses trailing over the floor, there is a row of overhead pipes and a pendant hose to each gun.

(e) There is a very large reduction in the fire hazard in the paint shop due to the fact that there is never any volume of paint near the booths and the usual hazards of spillage and open drums are eliminated.


  • Constant paint viscosity
  • Colour variation eliminated
  • Substantial labour savings
  • Cleaning eliminated or drastically reduced
  • Outstanding savings on paint and solvents
  • Fire risk greatly reduced
  • Quick and easy installation