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Spray Painting Machines

This system is design for coating variety of job automatically by using auto spray gun. System has provided with two axis linear motion & a rotary axis. X axis: – move in horizontal direction, Z axis: – move in vertical direction and B axis: – which is having angular movement = 180º.

Linear Axis length can be customized as per job requirements. Using these three motions, axis machine can coat jobs within in seconds with uniform finishing.We provide Bullows auto gun which has fine atomization & can handle multiple types of paints. We provide PLC & HMI based control panel for performing fully auto operations and more than 500 recipes can be saved in our system.

  • 5/3 Axis Servo System Based Machine.
  • Auto Spray Guns.
  • Paint Feeding System.
  • PLC & Touch Screen HMI Based Electric Cotrol Panel.
  • Paint Booth (Optional As Per Requirement).

All Spray Painting Solution Under One Roof

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