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What is Paint Booth ?

An enclosed or semi enclosed area used for the spray painting of component may be equipped with a source fresh air to keep the atmosphere dust-free, a waterfall backdrop to trap over spray, and an exhaust system to vent the fumes of the evaporating solvents.

Why Paint booth Required ?

  • To provide clean air at the Operators breathing level.
  • To collect overspray & to exhaust clean air.
  • To treat the overspray in such a way that it can later be disposed of outside the building without nuisance or hazard.
  • To reduce fire risk to minimum in spray shop.
Working Principal of a Paint Booth:

The over sprayed paint is dragged towards the water flowing continuously. The turbulence is created below the screen & sludge is formed. The water and the sludge are separated in the filter at the bottom tank. The clean water is pumped again to the top tank and flows over the screen.

The paint is sucked by the blower through the baffles wherein the paint particles are separated. The baffles are very effective in separation and can be removed, cleaned easily. Only clean air with thinner is left to atmosphere. It has more efficiency as compared to the dry booth. The sound level is as per industrial norms.

Why Paint booth Required ?

A well-designed and maintained spray booth provides important advantages:

  • It separates the spraying operation from other shop activities, making the spraying, as well as the other operations, cleaner and safer.
  • It reduces re and health hazards by containing the overspray.
  • It provides an area that contains residue, making it easier to keep clean. It also keeps both the operator and the object being sprayed cleaner.
  • In a booth equipped with adequate and approved lighting, it provides better control of the finish quality.

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