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Bullows Paint Equipment Pvt Ltd is one of the most experienced painting plant manufacturer since last 57 years in India. We have extensive experience of the manufacturing and upgradation of painting plants and paintshop. We modify plants with different product volume, product size, and various material handling units. Modification of paint shops include recreation, dismantling, and shifting of existing plant to the new locations.

When can you revamp your plant?

  • Plant consuming more energy
  • Existing plants are very old
  • Change of components, items, model of existing plant
  • Due to heavy running cost
  • Frequent breakdowns and maintenance

Additional reasons for modifying and upgrading of painting plant:

  • New product launches
  • New process and production requirements
  • Temporary capacity changes
  • The reduction of energy consumption
  • The integration of additional features.

The modernization of a plant often not only increases the cost-effectiveness, but also causes a higher availability and easier maintenance of the plant systems.

In the planning stage of revamp, Bullows offers-

  • System analysis, operating characteristics and identification of areas for improvement or upgrade with root cause analysis
  • Development of the new concept/ solution
  • Preparation of a detailed proposal tailored to meet the specific customer goals

After completion of the upgrade Bullows provides-

  • Production support for optimization
  • Base line/ commissioning data operating confirmation
  • Project documentation and customer training
  • Review of the project results and any further recommendations for upgrades or enhancements

We can help you to recreate, revamp or modify your plants with affordable rates. You can use your existing plant for a long time after revamping. We are here to solve your problem with the best solutions.

Apart from Revamp service of Paintshop, Bullows also undertake AMC (Annual Maintainance Contract) of Paint Booth.

Why Annual Maintenance Contract of Paint Booth required:

  • To enhance life of your capital equipment
  • Helps to keep consistence performance
  • Helps to avoid uncertain breakdown
  • Prevents from production loss
  • Saves from unexpected high repair cost

We have experts & separate team who are widely engaged in Revamping, Up gradation & AMC Service to maintain the Health & uninterrupted functioning of Paint Booth & Paintshops on Customer’s requirement.

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