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The precision workmanship of Bullows Pressure feed spray painting gun is designed to give you perfect coat finish quality. It has ergonomically designed light weighted and well balanced gun body along with smooth triggering action which reduces operators fatigue. The Spray gun is featured with ACV (Air Control Valve) at the rear of the gun body to control air flow from the Spray gun itself which makes it user friendly to the Gun operator.

  • Well Balanced and light weight gun
  • Precision air and fluid adjustments
  • Air Pressure control valve (optional)
  • Air flow Controls at the rear gun body for ease of operation
  • Removable air cap & baffle extends gun body service life
  • A choice of Air Cap with standard Tip & Needle combinations in MS & SS of 1.1, 1.4 & 1.8 mm sizes
  • Air inlet - 1/4" BSP (M) & Fluid inlet - 3/8 BSP (M)

Application Area

  • Automobile Industry
  • Defence
  • Drums & Barrel
  • General Engineering
  • Leather Industry
  • Metal
  • Heavy Engineering
  • Ceramic Industry
  • Wood / Plastic

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