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Inline Paint Filter

There filters are designed for installation in pressurised paint lines supplied either by a pump or a pressure feed container. They are of all metal construction with permanent filter cartridges to give a long service life. The cartridge is cleanable in place without interrupting flow. The positive cleaning action restores full capacity of the filter cartridges.


  • When fitted to a system removes any inclusions, foreign matter from transfer operations, contamination from old metal paint lines and provides continuous filtration to all guns in use.
  • Ensures the filtration necessary for very fine finishes, such as in the motor car industry, domestic appliance industry, etc.

Technical Specification

Part No Description Specification Range Inlet Outlet
TL- ACC-169 Spray Gun Paint Filter AL- body light weight 60, 80 & 100 Micron 3/8" Bsp M 3/8" Bsp
TL- ACC-137 PFT Filter with mesh SS Body with conical nylon mesh 60, 80 &100 Micron 3/8" Bsp F 3/8" Bsp M

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