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Paint Arrestance Filters

We are the professional & experience supplier of Paint Booth Filters, We are catering to some of the top notch Automobile Industries, General Industries & OEM’s across India. Our exclusive Paint Booth filters are available in different sizes which address the specific needs of the clients having different sizes of Paint Booth.

With our paint booth filter, there is no need for getting through the cost of untimely replacement, which comes out to be quite expensive affair altogether, We at Bullows guide our customers with the Right selection of our Paint Booth filter system in order to achieve flawless paint finish.

Range of Paint Booth Filters available with us

  • Paint Booth Filters
  • Floor Filters
  • Ceiling Filter
  • Pocket Filter
  • Pit filter for Paint Booth
  • Filter for Precision Paint Booth
  • Filters for Automotive Workshop

Process to Change Booth Filters

This is not a complicated process. Make sure that you have the recommended type of filters and that they are the correct size. There may be more than one filter for either intake or exhaust, so make sure you change them all.

Make sure that filters face the right direction:
  • Exhaust filters need to have the open weave side facing the inside of the booth (inward).
  • Cross draft intake filters should have the tacky side facing inward.
  • Down draft intake filters use the mesh side facing inward.
  • Pre-filters should have the tacky side facing inward.
  • Ensure that the booth fans are switched off before changing the filters.

Routine maintenance on your spray booth filtration system is not a complicated process and shouldn't result in much downtime. Routine maintenance of spray booth gives lasting benefits and prevents further constraints which may happen in filtration system

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