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L - 20 Air Motor

The L-20 Air Motor imparts a 180 degree oscillatory movement to the paddles; this together with the Bullows Three Blade Scroll Paddle, provides a degree of agitation hitherto unobtainable. A remarkable feature is that agitation is greatest at the centre of the bottom, a point which, in orthodox design, is completely stagnant.

Many manufacturers have found that the use of this Air Motor and paddle Gear has made it possible to achieve exact color matching of pastel shades, where this had previously been impossible. The L-20 Air Motor will exert a torque of 400 in./lb when connected to any air line at 80 lb./sq.in. This is sufficient to break out paddles, which have stood for several days in a container of heavy filler.


The only maintenance required is that one cover is removed and the gear chamber recharged with grease every six month.

  • Efficient Agitation
  • High Powered
  • Low Air Consumption
  • Low Speed
  • Freedom from wear
  • Ease of Fitting
  • Simple Maintenance

Technical Specification

Type Torque RPM
Oscillang (180º0 clockwise-180º0 Anticlockwise) 4-6 nm 10-12 rpm

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