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Fluid Regulator

Back-pressure fluid regulators are typically used in recirculating or closed loop systems, allowing them to maintain fluid pressure of the system either upstream of the fluid regulator or downstream of the dispensing device. Back-pressure fluid regulators help maintain fluid pressure regardless of changing flow demand triggered by multiple operators or dispense points.

Providing a combination of high-flow performance, easy maintenance, and precise adjustment, Bullows Fluid Regulators are recognized to be the premier regulators in the industry. Their reliable performance and innovative design features make them the preferred choice among fluid handling operators and material dispensing specialists.

Technical Specification

Part No Description Inlet Pressure Mini/Max Outlet Pressure Mini/Max Fluid Flow Fluid Inlet Fluid Outlet
TL- ACC-162 Fluid Regulator based Teflon made diaphragm 1 Bar/ 10 Bar 1 Bar/ 8 Bar 10 l / min 3/8” Bsp – 3/8" Bsp F

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