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Eco-Smart Automatic Spray gun

Eco-smart automatic spray gun has been designed by keeping the customer convenience in mind. Unmatched continuous application and ease of maintenance together gives the ultimate performance in automatic air automising spray finishing equipment.

It is a small precision gun with extreme accuracy & delicate control and can be easily fitted on to existing automatic and semi automatic machines. Its small size permits installation at close quarters and provides for accessibility where the normal range of automatic spray gun cannot be incorporated. The method of mounting provides for complete flexibility.

Special Features

  • Suitable for high volume production
  • Rapid triggering response rate
  • Easily removable front head
  • Design enables fast & easy maintenance
  • Ratchet controlled fluid flow adjusting mechanism
  • A zero indicator for easy repeatability of the fluid flow settings
  • Precise and easily accessible air controls Ø SS fluid passage

All Spray Painting Solution Under One Roof

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