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Conveyorised Auto Painting

Bullows Paint Equipment Private Limited is mainly engaged into design of Conveyorised Spray Painting Plant, that are especially suitable for painting of high volumes of components / products. Depending on size & weight of product to be painted, we define customized Material Handling, Pre-Treatment Zone, Painting Booth & Paint Curing Oven.

Conveyorised Painting Plant can be either manual or automatic. In case of manual / semi-automatic painting process, material handling will be automatic by means of conveyor and painting will be manual (through operator). In case of automatic Conveyorised spray painting plant, we can make painting automatic by means of reciprocator / robot. Generally, in case of auto painting, for linear shapes reciprocator is used and in case of complicated shapes robots are used.

Conveyorised Spray Painting Plant mainly consist of following:

  • Material handling of component (Overhead or Floor Based Conveyor – Continuous type or stop & go type / Transporter / Hoist / Motorized or Manual type Trolley)
  • Pretreatment Plant (Dip / Spray Type) – PT process can be 3 tank process / 7 tank process / 11 tank process.
  • Spray Painting Booth (Dip / Spray Type) – Painting process can be manual / automatic type.
  • Paint Curing Oven – Electrically Heated / HSD fired / Gas fired

Why Conveyorised Painting Plant is used in Industry:

  • Increased production output
  • Optimized design leads to effective utilization of space in plant
  • Requires Minimum Manforce
  • Convenient for Operators
  • No direct supervision is required
  • Faster spraying
  • Saving in paint
  • Reduced painting cost

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