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B - 9 Ltr Paint Tank

For continuous consumption of paint in a paint shop or on site work, Bullows offers 9 ltr. capacity of paint tank made of MS material.

The tank contains an Air Regulator, Pressure Gauge, Safety Valve, Fluid cut off Ball Valve, Fluid Tube with Suction Stainner & as paint is a homogenious mixture of various solid & liquid parts, to maintain its mixture uniformity a strirrer is provided (manual or auto) options available.

Bullows Pressure Feed Containers are available for a wide range of applications and in sizes from (5 litres to 90 litres). The standard construction is suitable for all normal finishing fluids for various coating application.

Technical Specification

MOC Thickness of tank. Maximum Working Pressure Operang pressure range Diameter Height Fluid outlet Air inlet
MS 3 mm 4 Bar 2 to 4 Bar 216 MM 300 MM 3/8” BSP 1⁄4” BSP

All Spray Painting Solution Under One Roof

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