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Airless Spray Painting Setup

Airless spray is a method of atomizing paint without the use of compressed air. The paint is pumped under high pressure through a supply line to an airless gun.

The paint is forced at high pressure through a small opening at the front of the valve, called the orifice, or spray tip. The tip restriction (orifice) forms a spray pattern. The break-up of material into small droplets is called atomization.

Advantages of Airless Spray

  • Airless has less overspray or “bounce back” of material than air spray.
  • More efficient than conventional spray. Airless has transfer efficiency of 60% to 90%
  • A thicker coat of material can be applied in a single pass. With the high pressure of airless spray, high viscosity materials can be atomized without costly solvent reduction.
  • Airless accommodates faster production line speeds. More paint can be applied at a heavier mile thickness.

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