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The Bullows L-20 Air Motor has been introduced & designed to provide efficiently and economically the continuous agitation. L-20 Air Motor imparts a 180º oscillatory movement to the three Blade Scroll Paddle which provides a degree of agitation hitherto un-obtainable. A remarkable feature is that agitation is greatest at the center of the bottom, a point which in orthodox designs is completely stagnant. Many agitator users have found that the use of this Air Motor and Paddle Gear has made it possible to achieve exact colour matching of pastel shades, where this had previously been impossible.

On connecting to any air line, L-20 Air Motor will exert a torque of 400 in./lb. at 80 lb./sq. in. which is sufficient to break out paddles to mix paint or material of heavy fillers which have stood for several days in a container.

  • Pneumatically operated
  • Long life and durability
  • Provides continuous agitation
  • Easy mounting
  • Unique 180° oscillation movement for homogeneous agitation of paint / liquid.

Application Area

  • Automobile Industry
  • Defence
  • Drums & Barrel
  • General Engineering
  • Leather Industry
  • Metal
  • Heavy Engineering
  • Ceramic Industry
  • Wood / Plastic

L - 20 Air Motor

The L-20 Air Motor imparts a 180 degree oscillatory movement to the paddles; this together with the Bullows Three Blade Scroll Paddle


M - 20 Air Motor

Air motors are used to stieer paint continuously in the paint tank in order to avoid stagnant or to settle down of paint in the paint tank.


Rotary Geared Air Motor

Rotary geared air motor is compact in size and easy to mount on paint tank for paint steering application to avoid color viscosity & color variation.


All Spray Painting Solution Under One Roof

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